About North Eleuthera

North Eleuthera is known for beautiful beaches, stunning views, and natural beauty. At the glass window bridge, you can marvel at the scene of the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean meeting the turquoise shallow water of Eleuthera. The Queen’s Baths are cliffside coves that fill with turquoise ocean water for a unique sea side experience. And the blue holes and caves serve as the perfect adventure in nature. With easy access to Spanish Wells from the Gene’s Bay Dock, and to Harbour Island from the Three Island Dock, North Eleuthera is paradise that lets you explore many different scenes. It’s also home to the ultra luxurious and beautiful Cove Resort, and has several pristine and quiet beaches in Current and Gregory Town. A car rental is a must to explore the island, and M&W Johnson’s Car Rentals is our recommendation. You can easily book online, and it’s run by Michelle Johnson, a wonderful local Bahamian known for her reliable service and friendly demeanour. You simply haven’t experienced the Bahamas if you don’t explore by sea, so be sure to book a boat excursion while you’re there. Our friends at Exotic Excursions are known for their friendly and professional service, and unbeatable knowledge of the waters.

About Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells is accessible by ferry from Gene’s Bay dock in North Eleuthera, and has become known for it’s beautiful stretch of beaches and fishing industry. It’s a quiet destination known to be a peaceful place for tourists, where golf carts are the main form of transportation. In addition to pristine beaches, Spanish Wells is located near the gorgeous reef called the Devil’s Backbone, which makes navigating by boat tricky for the unfamiliar, but provides a beautiful place to snorkel. There is also excellent fishing nearby, with deep sea fishing being a popular activity for visitors and locals alike, and bone fishing quickly increasing in popularity.

Spanish Wells is conveniently located for boat excursions to explore all the wonders of the waters surrounding Eleuthera, Harbour Island and Spanish Wells. In addition to fishing, tours frequent the famous Pig Beach in Spanish Wells before making their way to the swimming sea turtles in Harbour Island and the ocean swings in the waters of Eleuthera. A less expensive place to stay than Harbour Island, and a more developed and more densely populated option when compared to Eleuthera, Spanish Wells is increasing in popularity.
Exotic Excursions offer boat tours leaving from Spanish Wells, Eleuthera or Harbour Island, and are experienced in all activities from fishing to conch diving to a casual day on the water. Book online here. 

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