Harbour Island Golf Cart Rental Guide - November 2023

The Best Way to Get Around Harbour Island, Bahamas

Harbour Island Golf Cart Rental Guide 2023

Perhaps one of the most fun and unique aspects of a typical Harbour Island visit is the preferred mode of transportation: golf carts. While the island is relatively small, there is a ton to explore and golf carts allow you to move around with ease and make the most of your visit. Whether you’re popping into Cocoa’s Coffee House for your morning smoothie, tasting the infamous breakfast at the Landing Hotel, or spending the day at Mrs. V’s beach before heading harbour-side for sunset, golf carts are the perfect way to move around the island. Just remember to keep left!

There are several golf cart dealers to choose from listed below, typically offering 2, 4 or 6 seater options. There are also “standard height” and “lifted” options, with the latter tending to cost a bit more. The roads in Harbour island can be a bit rough, but typically a standard cart does just fine, unless you are staying in the “narrows” (northern tip of the island) in which case lifted carts are recommended.

Considerations when Selecting a Golf Cart

In general, most golf cart dealers on the island are locally based and available to help you out if needed during your stay. A few considerations you may want to account for when selecting who to book from include:

  • Can you get free delivery to the shoreline (near the government dock you arrive to) or your place of accommodation?
  • Do you need a lifted cart to get you through the “narrows” (the homes on the very north end of the island)
  • Are you looking for a luxury golf cart or does a standard cart suit your needs?
  • Is gas included in the rental price of the golf cart?
Below, we’ve included a list of the most well known golf cart rental companies on the island. Major’s Golf Cart Rentals is a local, family run business that has been renting golf carts for over 30 years and is our go-to when we visit Harbour Island. They offer online booking directly on their website to make it simple to book and to avoid any connection issues when trying to call to book (disclaimer, we power their online booking). We’ve always found Florette and Wayne Major a pleasure to work with and we love supporting a local business. They offer free delivery to your place of accommodation or to the shoreline by the main dock (called government dock) where you arrive by water taxi for convenience, and are a quick call or WhatsApp message away if you need anything. They also operate a taxi service for $5 per person if you don’t want to worry about transporting your luggage. Aundre’s Rentals is located at Romora Bay Marina & Hotel and when coming by water taxi you can request a stop here, usually for an additional $5-$10, which makes it a convenient choice if you’d like to pick up your cart directly at the dock. It’s also far less crowded than being dropped off at the main Government Dock. They also offer luxury, lifted carts, along with Conch & Coconut and Tingum Village.
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