North Eleuthera Boat Excursions

Boat Charters & Excursions in North Eleuthera and Spanish Wells

The Bahamas is known for it’s breathtaking water, and North Eleuthera is no different. No vacation to Eleuthera is complete without spending some time on the water, exploring the crystal clear waters that are full of wonder and beauty. There are several options to get out on the water, and most charters are private, giving you the freedom to cater your day to your preferences to explore Eleuthera, Spanish Wells and Harbour Island by sea exactly how you’d like. And, select companies on the island offer online reservations to make planning simple, including Exotic Excursions242 which offer pickup at Gene’s Bay Dock in Eleuthera, in Spanish Wells and at Valentine’s Marina in Harbour Island. Some popular activities for boat charter guests include: 

Snorkelling with Sea Turtles & Sting Rays in Crystal Clear Waters: There are plenty of magical sea animals in the waters surrounding Eleuthera, Harbour Island, Spanish Wells but sea turtles are some of the most common and numerous. Your experienced captain will lead you to beautiful crystal clear waters where you can feed or simply swim with these friendly and naturally curious sea turtles. This is a favorite among adults and kids alike!
Swimming Pigs / Pig Beach: Pull up to pig beach where you’re likely to see pigs of all ages, eager to greet you for some food and an amazing photo op. Swimming pigs have become one of the most popular sights in the Bahamas, and most know of Pig Beach in the Exumas, but many don’t know there’s plenty of pigs just a quick boat trip from Eleuthera, on the shores of Spanish Wells. A ton of fun for kids and adults alike! 
Sand Bars and Over-Water Swings:
If pristine white stand in the middle of open water sounds appealing, a trip to the sand bar near Harbour Island’s shores is a must. Wether you’re looking to post up and enjoy a drink while you soak in the beauty, or just looking to grab some incredible photos to share with family and friends back home, the sand bar will not disappoint. And similarly, the over-water swings are the perfect spot to grab a photo of you with your loved ones with nothing but white sand and crystal clear blues in the background.
Beach Coves: Visit a stunning beach cove and get the best of the comfort of your chartered boat and a remote beach with still waters. Jump in for a swim, go for a float, or post up on the beach and indulge in a snack. 
Man Island: This unique island near Harbour Island is home to a remote, white sand beach and corals close to shore for great snorkelling on calm days. 
Beach picnic or harbour side lunch: While most charters welcome guests to bring snacks and food, or will provide them for you, stopping for lunch is a great way to experience a new part of the surroundings of the islands. Pop in to a shoreside restaurant in Spanish Wells, or bring your own food for a beach picnic.
Fishing: Most fishing experiences in Eleuthera are private charters and most charters can accommodate fishing. Be sure to let your charter organizer know your intention in advance so they can plan accordingly and help make sure you make the most of your fishing trip. From snapper to mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and more, fishing in Eleuthera is an amazing experience. And on return, bring your catch back to your vacation rental, or ask a local kitchen to cook it up for you for a fee!

Exotic Excursions 242: Based in Spanish Wells with pickup options in Spanish Wells, North Eleuthera or Harbour Island

Exotic Excursions 242 is based in Spanish Wells, but offers pickup at Gene’s Bay dock in Eleuthera as well as at Valentine’s Marina in Harbour Island (for a fee)

Boat Excursions: Offering experienced and professional captains, Exotic Excursions 242 is known for creating custom and unforgettable boat tours to visitors of Spanish Wells, North Eleuthera and Harbour Island. With options to accommodate up to 10 guests or up to 15 guests, their boats are modern and comfortable. Swim with the pigs, feed the sea turtles, visit the swings, engage in water sports, go deep sea fishing, conch diving, lobster spearing and so much more. 

Day Trip to the Exumas: You may have heard of the famous turquoise waters of the Exuma Islands, or the unforgettable experience of swimming with nurse sharks, or the pristine beaches where pigs and iguanas sprawl as far as the eyes can see. The Exumas are a must-see destination in The Bahamas, and Exotic Excursions 242 is now offering a full day boat tour to The Exumas to check this off your bucket list. Ride in comfort and experience the famous sand bars and experiences of The Exumas. Pickup is available from Spanish Wells, North Eleuthera (Gene’s Bay Dock) and Harbour Island (Valentine’s Marina).

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